Designers three customized Barbie doll

Designers plot of three customized Barbie doll, in fact very much-anticipated. Apart from childhood to Paris nightclub dancing girl, two large beauty became Christian Louboutin lacoste polo this doll design inspiration, they were Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe. A bit is used in ancient Egypt's prominence, set beauty, wisdom and power and a Queen of the most high; a perfect as the Hollywood dream factory products, blonde Sexy goddess, different age, equally proud beauty and the "Goddess". Although they are of age located thousands of years, but a fairy Queen's theory seems to have two people to verify, Nefertiti in the age of 30, that is, from a historical stage disappear; and Marilyn Monroe is found in just 36 at the age of death.

Marilyn Monroe's life to look Lacoste polo shirts, today to talk about the mysterious Nefertiti. This bit in the past 10 years, the whole of Egypt's most influential women by people like worship a goddess-like reverence, and during the new Kingdom of the 18th Dynasty Monroe Dreyfus IV common rule Egypt, and the latter in 1353 BC around the throne, and the name changed to ' that, while his successor was his son, the famous tutankamen.
Closer to home, these three Barbie dolls, use tailor Christian Louboutin's shoe box packaging, each doll is completed with four double for Barbie doll wearing of Louboutin heels. Even more interestingly 12 month Maytag Corporation will introduce jewelry thieves topic of Louboutin custom jewelry; in February, African adventure theme of Barbie series will go on sale. And the next 5 months during the Cannes Film Festival, Christian Louboutin will design a walk the red carpet of the Barbie doll in Cannes. This $ 150 dollar several types of custom doll, through barbiecollector.com and Net-a-porter.com sales. Net-a-porter.com, British producers of Red-purple luxury and designer brands online shopping website, as s-Corporation the exclusive partner of the project, as Christian Louboutin on sale to the individual series Barbie in design. Compared to us $ 150 dolls in September next year, barbiecollector.com and Net-a-porter.com two website also will sell a Louboutin heels for Barbie design series, a total of 12 pairs, and the price is also quite common for 40 dollars; the only shortcoming is that the 12 pairs of high-heeled shoes, you can only use the Favorites, but you cannot really put it on.
In fact, apart from the high-heeled shoes, custom doll and jewelry, this is The year in Paris with Christian Louboutin law journal, definitely also worth a Barbie fans and fashion fanatic collection object. The journal, including the jewelry thieves, Nile, Christian Louboutin travel stores shopping, Moulin Rouge, and and not in the number of males KEN dolls coffee interesting chapters. It is the month of December of this year, at $ 40 USD.

It seems that everything will be constantly renewed their fashion legend, the hundred-year-old's birthday, we already face old, she is still brilliant, Barbie's private shoe may be much more different era master masterpiece, also perhaps Barbie already from sights in fade out, let time to test this fashion legend of immortality.

Barbie birthday celebration of 50 countless designers

Barbie birthday celebration of 50, countless designersLacoste shirt  now presents renxian, but beside the heels of the super fans, perhaps the most favorite is very fine and elegant high-heel, 10 million double collection, want to be when no one can match. The designers in the eyes of a woman, as she muses to choose his next beautiful high-heeled shoes, a red purple shoes designer certainly essential, and this time the Barbie selected is French Christian Louboutin.

  Christian Louboutin, outstanding design lacoste polo master, the sole of the shoes that landmark a red, there is no doubt that every high-heeled shoes big heart love. When it comes to the elegant French old man's life, 12-year-old just truants to Paris nightclub at Sau experiences, perhaps at that time was being considered to be unlearned, but no one wanted to, but this story has he devoted himself to the design of future's shoes and finally become members of the community. "The nightclub that influenced me greatly, for example, if you like high-heeled shoes, those are unique high-heeled shoes, their tap XXX, is absolutely indispensable body beautiful decoration, they absolutely unique Idol. ”— Christian Louboutin

In 1991, Christian Louboutin in Paris to launch your own high-heeled shoes series, designers love with special build 12 cm and high altitude heels objective very interesting — "let wear my design of high-heeled woman sexy and beautiful, let their legs look and feel" of long as possible, it seems that Christian Louboutin was born like women xxx, but this somewhat erotic tastes, but don't know how many women forging belong to their sexy moments.

Learn about the Christian Louboutin personal aesthetics, it's easy to understand why he would design for Barbie heels, and served as her one-year "the godfather" fashion. But Christian work not remodeling Barbie wardrobe, Barbie is colourful lifestyle, to necessary art direction, perhaps is the focus of the French old man.
This Barbie Club the Maytag Corporation and Christian Louboutin co-operation, in fact, as early as the beginning has already begun. 2 month New York fashion week period, Maytag Corporation to celebrate the Barbie 50-year-old birthday held "Barbie reality", models wear when walking Sau is Christian Louboutin as Barbie doll design of pink, red base of Christian Louboutin heels. And then there will also be Christian Louboutin design of Barbie dolls and accessories that pertain exclusively to Barbie doll, and a book about the fusion of the old lady's design great favourite things, shooting their Barbie doll and a photo diary of the year in Paris with The Christian Louboutin.

About the partnership, Maytag Corporation is responsible for market development, Senior Vice President of Stephanie Cota means — "the partnership is a natural thing, not only because of the inheritance of the Barbie doll fashion traditional, also comes from her love for high-heeled shoes of special, she got a billion heel, we need for her to order a special series. ”
Louboutin design for Barbie pink-heel, we have already seen zhenrong. Architect said "she needs great shoes, a pair of heel high-heeled shoes, for me, the high-heeled shoes that thin with a curve with often let me drunk. "The Barbie's foot was far from her perfect body that great curve, I just use my shoe-making skills, I am very glad to Barbie, but she is not fit to thick high heels, she only suitable for very fine high heels. ”


preparing a European Council in a context

Nicolas Sarkozy will be in London on Friday, March 12 at the invitation of the Prime Minister of labour British Gordon Brown for a working lunch announced Friday the French Presidency.
"It's preparing a European Council in a context where we need to coordinate with our British partners", explains the entourage of the French President.
The European Council of 25 and 26 March will focus in particular on the EU by 2020 growth strategy and on the après-sommet of Copenhagen on the climate.
This will also two major themes of the Brown-Sarkozy Friday meeting, specifies the Elysée.
The Presidency of the Republic, the head of the French State will meet the leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron also on this occasion.
Labour and Conservatives are elbow to elbow, in past surveys, for the legislative elections planned for spring in Britain.
"In a context of British electoral pré-campagne, David Cameron has desired experience Nicolas Sarkozy", explains the Elysée. "The President will meet it after lunch with Gordon Brown." (Emmanuel Jarry, edited by Sophie Louet)

the agricultural world be the beneficiary of the carbon tax

A different operator says that the agricultural world "should be the beneficiary of the carbon tax" and do not have to pay it.
A good crowd child massait in its passage, which has degenerated by cohue places. A few whistles, quickly covered by applause, were heard when he took the escalator that separates the great hall of the other buildings of the door of Versailles Exhibition Park.
For the rest, President has croqué a piece of farmer reblochon, ate an Apple district, and hardened his lips in two glasses of milk, there where Jacques Chirac was an obligation as a pleasure of taste all specialities of the hexagon.
Then opening a roundtable discussion with representatives of major agricultural organizations, Nicolas Sarkozy has indicated that it was especially come to announce measures and tracks out the serious crisis through agriculture.
Of course, go to welcome booths, farmers, producers, made it part of the tradition, folklore, it is nice, I love it, I did me also for years." "But, finally, is not the number of tight hands that we are going to solve the problems of farmers".
"We take gifts, we kiss the girls, one photograph to the most beautiful beasts." So much the better! "Is advertising the new Apple, are encouraged producers of strawberries, we must not forget sheep farmers, but is not it will save French agriculture," he added.
"I am not here for it." Everyone can do that. But me, I am President of the Republic. "Me, expected decisions, acts, and the battle". (Yann Le Guernigou, edited by Véronique Tison)

Criticized for expected the penultimate

Criticized for expected the penultimate day to attend, Nicolas Sarkozy has sacrificed Saturday "folklore" of the annual grand-messe French agriculture, highlighting a very popular among his predecessor Jacques Chirac exercise limits.
Perhaps because it foresaw it a home tendu at agriculture, the head of State had advanced its arrival at the last minute, starting the visit half an hour before the opening of the doors with a public then composed mainly of civilian police.
Allowed by the President of the FNSEA Jean-Michel Lemetayer, which still stated there is a week that "Nicolas Sarkozy has great difficulty with the peasant world", he travelled for two hours the aisles exhibition, lending an ear to farmers who have appealed it without animosity for him to share their difficulties.
"Young farmers must all change orientation?", asked a young operator after the presentation of Vaillant, a robust 1.210 kilos gasconne bred Bull.
"With a meat to three euros (kilo) Nicolas, how can do?", a farmer, asks that a mountain farmer says: "If you don't do anything for us, unfortunately it is condemned to disappear." "We do live in our cows"
Bovine National Federation President, Jean-Pierre Fleury apostrophe it on the environmental policy of the Government and its impact on agriculture.
"For (the Environment Minister Jean-Louis) Borloo." You do not sufficiently support your Minister (Bruno Agriculture) Le Maire. "Be the household in your Government", told this farmer of the Morvan.


many shops of underwear that today

"As all girls, I was wondering when my breasts were pushing." AT puberty, they grew, but much more than this that I wanted. I am quickly out of the 90 C standard. At that time, there was not as many shops of underwear that today ' today and I was "my happiness" in the shop where was my mother. I find it humiliating to wear Bras "of old".

The College and high school, my classmates joking my chest. Even people in the street were me reflections. I shall have been very bruises. It was horrible. Got yet, I do me dressed not extravagant way, on the contrary even. I wore very wide, much too big sweaters for me to hide my chest. I évitais any sport for not having to put on shirt. But despite all my efforts, I was not happy.

Growing, I began to have fed up to resemble a bag at all times. I wanted to be a woman and assume my rondeurs. One day, I decided to take the problem to grips. I've started a scheme, and then I was in a store where I have tried the same pull in multiple sizes. I who always bought the 44, I was actually 40. Since the clothes were my size, they were to me.

Today, I wear a sweater and échancrés high. More question of dressed in monk on the pretext that I chest! "Then too bad for those that gene, me I am in mockery, now I assume my breasts!"

focus on a detail of your body and your spirit

Matthieu Chedid sings it up and strong, it has the "corn flakes complex". On your side, this would be rather than the long nose, too shallow buttocks or thighs too flasques yet. At least, is what you think.

Complexes are most often linked to physical but can also be social (money problems, origins...) or psychological (lack of culture, intelligence, striped...). All are expressions of a psychic suffering and are the result of the discrepancy between the reality: your Physics "normal", and you can imagine. When complexes take a worrying dimension, this is called dysmorphophobie.

In practice, you will focus on a detail of your body and your spirit, and is more démordez. Moreover, you are sure that crossed the street people notice more than it. Has that you think sometimes this is due to this failure if you have not been accepted in this interview, or if your man has exited. Of course, it is always easier to acknowledge his physics, that is to question.

"It's in the head as it happens", often say the old. And they are right. If some complex find their source in real problems (obesity, physical disability,...), others are totally imaginary, such as the shape of your foot or even from your mouth.

Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions to finish with the complex and be well in his skin, not provided through the bistouri.


specialist Pringle of Scotland Scottish

The specialist Pringle of Scotland Scottish ready-to-wear fashion house of the mesh from nearly two hundred years has chosen for the second season running Tilda Swinton to embody the image of their advertising campaign. The enigmatic actress atypical looking and staggered style, poses under objective of Ryan Mc Ginley series photo made in Scotland near Nairn, the hometown of Tilda. Natural scenery very sleek and dyed pastel image collection spring-summer 2010 made apparel organic colour and very sensual fluid drapés. The Scottish actress is also a short film directed by Ryan Mc Ginley, launch the collection inspired filmmaker Robert Bresson cinematograph notes test heroin. Pringle of Scotland took a creative turn since the arrival of Claire Wight Keller at the head of the artistic direction in 2005 and its first parade in Milan in 2006.

Giorgio Armani creator

According to Giorgio Armani creator, "he is an athlete to perfect physical." "It represents the essence of youth, both spontaneous, passionate and full of temperament". After David Beckham, it is indeed the turn of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, ballon d'Or and best footballer of the year FIFA 2008, becoming the new Ambassador Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans line alongside the sublime Megan Fox. The campaign spring-summer 2010, in Madrid by Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott, fashion photographers will appear in the press and on the billboards in major cities worldwide from next February. Exclusive images can already be found on Facebook, by going to the official page of the Italian brand.


Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada go archive this season

Sounds of bombs, removal, sifflant chips and citations of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ("you do believe not that I would go storage in thin air for nothing, do you?") with the fi sountrack sci to Jil Sander today, with runway models incorporated-passage shaped X rompers knitting and strongly adapted jumpsuits. Any single tromped around of footwear flat mid-calf black, while panels stretched down and their short tweedy jackets sheer slashes reveals in an otherwise collection buttoned-up.

Raf Simons seems joined Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada go archive this season: he released the pleas Jil Sander first used during the early 1990s. Another change to the designer: casting color models: Joan Smalls, Rose Cordero, Sun Feifei Mengyao Ming Xi'an filled all the track today. Brazilian sensation Kuczman, Alicia marked during this time, the exclusive.

Longtime Boyfriend, father of her son, Jourdan Dunn for possession of cocaine - Jourdan Dunn, who gave birth to a son in December, Arrested made a return to the catwalk at Aquascutum five days only, but today, new may assign its schedule for the rest of the season. Jordan Cummings, 20, the father of her son and his long-time friend (apparently were set approximately five years), was arrested yesterday evening and sentenced to prison in 3.5 years for possession of 2 ounces of cocaine with the intent of providing time. Dunn, who lives with his mother and younger siblings, made no comment, but it is suspected that long sentence of Cummings was due to similar to previous convictions.


LACOSTE and creative staff

Looking for imaginative and creative staff then Nike prefer experienced people, passionate people with Xiao, and laid on the table? the "diversity" to describe the Nike in the composition of and recruitment preference. The Nike hope staff composition, the employee's age groups, different backgrounds, different work experiences, from different places. "Only diversification can boast. "So, despite our brand to very young fashion, but does not exclude older employees, their experience and secure functioning is precious wealth. We will not be because of the lack of experience and social relations ignored for university graduates, creativity, imagination and enthusiasm of these traits are Nike thing, and they have a lot of learning ability, plasticity is extremely high. "The recruitment of diversity does not mean that what kind of people are into Nike, don't forget the" best ". The first thing you need to have professional quality, Xiao-laid to fabric developers this position as an example lists the 4: 1 several years of professional experience, 2 major school background, understanding on fabric, 3 foreign enterprises work experience, 4 good verbal communication skills, especially English.


A professional quality natural enough — you have to comply with Nike's values. "As a campaign companies, love their sport is indispensable. Nike advocating innovation, so we need staff must be imaginative and creative, and passionate. Of course, team spirit, efficient communication and work under pressure to work on their own energy, Matisse, responsible, and so on are all Nike used to measure the personnel potential of the standard ".



27 November, the LACOSTE brand in Shanghai Street apparel retail SOURCE, has released its latest global limit of 500 pairs casual shoes LACOSTE X KIDROBOT series. That night at eight from LACOSTE and senior open SOURCE with named Missouri 85, Revan 2 and Revan 3 three pairs of shoes, announced that LACOSTE X KIDROBOT series in China officially on sale 30 double and, as with the cooperation of major retailers LACOSTE, SOURCE has 21 double-right, that is, each producing a 7 double.

However, the party has not yet announced shoes "flesh", LACOSTE X KIDROBOT is scheduled three double. Paul Budnitz Kidrobot CEO said, "I liked the LACOSTE brand, so let Kidrobot arena to LACOSTE opportunities makes me feel very excited", "and I was running shoes lovers, LACOSTE several new shoe style really is. "From Paul Budnitz Kidrobot and Chad Philips chose three of their toy-style pattern used in the popular series from LACOSTE sneaker. Kidrobot selection gray and white bones patterns in Missouri 85. Revan 3 chosen is telling colourful pop Declaration eye pattern. As regards Revan 2 Kidrobot's trademark to tennis's Green and yellow with motion winds of change. "All the shoes are made of reflective material; this is our accessories design characteristics, and look really cool. "Budnitz added. Every shoes insoles also printed Kidrobot's trademark.  

Each "has a wearing shorts and across the chest exaggerated crocodile branding polo shirt, the left rear your pants pocket with a tennis ball PEECOL toys. "I think that the very nature of collocation PEECOL. This doll has a beautiful modern lines, but also very flexible, we can modify it at any time with LACOSTE design, "Budnitz explained. The PEECOL become world. There are dozens of people-PEECOL firemen, cowboy, revelling people, plush monsters, sail training vehicles Eskimos, explosion head Jogger and so on-it represents our surrounding real person. We will try to collect all, best of all, the body is interchangeable. So you can put together your own PEECOL! "